Those Moments :')

They're Sabahans and Sarawakians. I'm so glad to have them in my life. I miss you guys so much :')

Anis Yasmin - she's definitely the best listener ever! She knows each of my secret at camp lol. Where have you been dear? :')

During wirajaya - it was an awesome night though.

I was being fostered during the 'khidmat masyarakat' program. Guess what, we're still keep in touch till now.

My second foster mother lol. Imagine how easy I got two foster mother in just a day. I still remember how she insisted us to call her 'mak' and how teary she was when we were about to leave. I miss you, 'Mak' :)

Kasidah, Nava, Ardillah, Fathi and Jacqueline. Among my bestfriends during the entire camp duration :)

These Chinese girls are sometimes are even more 'Malay' than us LOL.

The Charlie warrior. Ouh the picture was taken on the day we were featured in Malaysia Hari Ini - or should I say; I'm being featured in MHI hahahahaha

Shasha, Tasya, Dayang and Aliah were the first to approach me on the first few days on camp. They were so nice indeed - they were my Sarawakian dictionary LOL. I miss you guys so much :'D

Hamizah was once my classmates back then when we were in form three and somehow got lost in contact since both of us went to different boarding school after PMR. We never expected to eventually reunite again at camp. What a sweet coincidence :)

Allahyarham Pak Din - he was our 'bapak angkat' during the 'mentor-mentee' program. He may seemed ridiculously strict sometimes, but he was a very nice man indeed. Even though the boys were like kutuk kutuk dia at most of the time, but they actually love him a lot. I always love his stories about his past military experiences - ever since then my passion towards military life became even more realistic. May Allah bless his soul. Amin.

Kak Sashi, Farhana, Fathi and I were really closed - we're even still get closed till now. While those Sarawakians are really nice.

No caption LOL.

I'm pretty sure we were among the worst group at camp. But it was those memories on being the worst that makes the moments become fonder :)

Frankly speaking, I got hundreds more pictures of us during the whole duration at PLKN - and I do feel like wanting to upload them all here - it's just the number is too big. Perhaps next time, LOL.

For those who are chosen to join PLKN for the incoming session, please, never try to avoid it. Because those experience you would gain there is definitely priceless. Trust me, I've been through this and I really miss those moments a lot.

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