Product Review: True Island Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream

So it has been a loooooooooooong while since I last blogged. Been pretty much enjoying my undergraduate life sampai terlupa terus kewujudan this blog haha. Betullah orang cakap, degree life penat sebab dia punya busy allahurabbi tak boleh nak bernafas kekadang, but life's quite good here, after all. I finally managed to become part of the ROTU Army (that I had always talked about back then haha) and is about to be commissioned in about 3 months from now, made a lot of good friends, met new people, gotten into a lot of exciting adventures and being places - what good did I miss here ๐Ÿค— Anyway, I'll try to squeeze up some posts on these later on, sementara masih fresh dalam ingatan haha ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Alright, that's enough intro. I'm actually here to talk about this skincare product that I've recently tried. Being the one who constantly changing my skincare habits (sebab spesies tak bersyukur tak pernahnya puas hati dengan result) I was very keen of using it because of the hype on the socmeds. I've seen a lot of famous MUAs been using this as well so why not giving a shot on it. I've tried a lot of skincare products, you name it - Hada Labo, Tarte, argan oils, Innisfree, Laneige and so much more, but this has been my holy grail until now on.

Presenting you, the True Island's Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream! So the manufacturer claims that this cream is good for its moisturizing and soothing content, as stated on the packaging. When I first buy it from Naz (FB: Nazatul Humairah) she did tell me that it would suit people with dry skin better, as it contains quite a lot of percentage (which I had forget the exact figure, sorry!) of honey bee venom and propolis (talk about these delicious nutrition yums!) I decided to go for a trial since I have a combination skin with major oily parts, but turned out it suits me very well.

Priced at RM78.00 (RRP), it comes in a very appealing packaging of 55 ml, which actually lasts up to more than 4 months. I kinda addicted to the smell too! It smells pretty much like the orange flavored Vitagen tho. The latest packaging also comes with an authenticity indicator for authentic check, since there are rise in the number of counterfeit products out there so be careful guys, only purchase it from authorized agents or from the sole distributor website,

The authenticity indicator that comes with instructions

How I wish this could be eaten, bc it smells too good!
I used up the whole package in order to see the desired result as claimed by the hype. Honestly, my skin had few reactions during my first few attempts of using it. Perhaps it was due to the high content of honey bee venom which I am not used to, it was pretty much like the rise of the pimples! ๐Ÿ˜‚ So I stopped for a week or so, but continue using it later and thankfully, it finally suits my skin well.

Even during my first application, I could feel my skin gets smooth af, and I kinda like it on how it gives a glowing, dewy look on the skin.

I used to watch makeup tutorials by famous Malaysian MUAs and seeing them using the cream as the makeup base, and claims how great their makeup turned. I don't really fond of heavy makeups except for those basic essentials but I noticed my foundation lasts longer after I applied the cream before putting it on.

Can't stop being so vain bc makeup is on point ๐Ÿ˜‚

After months using it, my skin really gets better. I used to have (a lot!) of tiny pimples all over the face but now I could hardly have one. My pores are also getting smaller and my makeups turned better as ever. Now I have more legit reasons to stay loyal to this holy grail! ๐Ÿ˜

Bare face (plus good lighting!) ๐Ÿ˜

Recipe: Pan Grilled Salmon

Salam Alayk. Well, hello there people! :)

Basically I've had just started getting serious with these fitness things (obviously because I am so tired being the same old self LOL) and guess what, I started everything since after Raya (one week after first day of Raya, to be precise) and I lost almost 5 kg to date so YAY!

But it requires a looooooooooot of efforts (by any means, devotedly heading my butts off to the gym like, everyday - and less cheating. Sigh, cheating is indeed my soooo supernatural ability) and one thing that my coach emphasized a lot when it comes to dealing with my seriously manly eating habit (read: nafsu makan anak jin) is to watch out my meals (but all I ever did is counting calories LOL).

(Oh ya, btw I'm using the SparkPeople app to keep track of my daily calorie intake and calories burned. It's super helpful that your healthy-conscious self may want to check it out on PlayStore. Haha)

To be honest, I eat out almost every day because: 1) I don't even know how to cook HAHA trรจs lame I know LOL; 2) my family are indeed super busy that we rarely had meals together; 3) #2 provides me more reason not to cook because no one else's going to eat anyway. Tak baik membazir HAHA. But then eating out shall be harmful to my strict diet, I decided to cook my own meals. Amusing, huh!

Frankly, I don't favor meats (I ain't vegetarian anyway) - I prefer fish. Thus, salmon becomes a staple to my daily meals, simply because it is packed with high omega 3 for which aiding your weight loss and muscle building, obviously. So todaaaaay, I would like to share a super easy recipe I found on the Internet (but LOL sorry I cannot recall which website it was from) - Sorry for the super long rant that obviously had nothing to do with the post title anyway, was just too excited to share literally everything HAHA. 

Pan Grilled Salmon


1 pc salmon fillet
2-3 or 4 teaspoon soy sauce
2-3 or 4 teaspoon brown sugar
2-3 or 4 teaspoon water
2 teaspoon vegetable oil
Garlic powder
Lemon pepper to taste

Before that, I used ABC Kicap Manis Pekat so for that reason I reduced the quantity of brown sugar to 2 teaspoon while the rests I used 4 teaspoon - because I love enhanced flavors ehehe. Use whatever suits your preference :D


1) Season fillet with lemon pepper, salt and garlic powder to taste. Here I added some mixed herb to reduce the fishy smell. Set aside.

2) In another bowl, stir together soy sauce, brown sugar, water and vegetable oil until the sugar dissolved well. Take the seasoned fillet, place it in the mix (make sure the mix coats both side of the fillets) and refrigerate for 2 hours.

3) Lightly oil the pan (I used butter instead for more flavor!) Cook for 6 to 8 mins per side or till well cooked (the meat should be flaky). Serve with pasta or salad or whatever suits your preference!

Just so you know this recipe is packed with 318 kcal, total of 20.1g fats including 3.4 g saturated fat, 56 mg cholesterol, 1092 mg sodium, 12.1g sugar, 389 mg potassium, total of 13.2 g carbs including 0.1 g dietary fiber and 20.5 g protein! Most importantly, it's super easy you can even make it every day :)

By the way, since I've becoming sooooo nekad on preparing my own meals, I even created my own cookbook where I did salin all the recipes I've found on the Internet/TV shows/newspaper articles/magazines. So watch out this space for more! ;)

Till the next post, xx <3 p="">