Touring along the way :)

I arrived here in UIA as early as at 8 a.m. so here I am, alone in room doing nothing. Tbh I don't even get the guts to get back to campus on holidays, but yeah, it's just another bloody meeting responsibility needs me to be here. Well, being alone means more time to being spent online and post some other stuffs here. So, basically it wasn't that bad, huh.

Where should I begin then, hm hm. Well, there's only merely a week left before this short semester ends and tbh, it's too short and I might end up repeating Arabic next semester. Dude, the examination formats has been changed since then, making it sounds even more absurd fgs. Don't get me wrong, احب اللغة العربية جدا, it's just this bloody APT examination. Seriously, learning foreign language is even better if it wasn't too much exam-oriented. I lost my passions already. So pathetic.

Moving on, so last week I supposed we went to PICC Putrajaya for Mercy Mission's Twins of Faith dry run. Did I ever mention I was one of the volunteers then? ;D  Since the event began at 4 p.m. Azura and me stopped by Kuala Lumpur Railway Station since we wanted to do so since then. I don't know, the place was just magnificently - see how historic I am :P

Azura was excited, I guess.
So yeah, I'm not a good photographer indeed.
Some sorta miniature in KTMB Museum. Why does it looks like Pudu Jail anyway?

So, I was anticipated about going to Heritage Hotel - been reading about it since then. Sadly, the place had been closed like YEARS ago. What the ...
I swear I'm not gonna show off my face here. I'm not a photogenic after all. Ptui.

We made our way to Putrajaya via KLIA Transit as early as 2 p.m. So we decided to stop by Sultan Zainal Abidin Mosque to perform Zuhr prayer. Later, we decided to walk to PICC from Palace of Justice, because we thought it wasn't that far because it appeared to seems really nearby - well the truth is, we walked distant miles - approximately about one hour of brisk walking; arrived at PICC at about 4.30 p.m.*fainted* So folks - especially those who aren't as athletic as we did puihh, it's more preferable to take a bus.

Azura was texting her mother telling her how she enjoyed the KLIA Transit ride. It was her first time though. Btw, our journey to Putrajaya costs us RM18.00 for return ticket. Pricey, yet still cozy much.

I should have put the trolling face then.

Padahal dah pernah pergi berpuluh-puluh kali, amek gambar bajet ala-ala tourists gitu. puih.

Ah, it's about to rain.

Right. LRT by roadside. I guess Perbadanan Putrajaya loves making things in advance.

Speaking about the two-days Twins of Faith conference, there will be a lot of workshops, activities, booths, bazaars and so on. Azura, Syafiqah and me will be in charge at the Sister's Corner - sorry, no boys allowed, heh. I can't wait for those days, it's gonna be really worth it :)

With another volunteer, she's a mother of two :)
Tea time, with scenic view at the front,
Hoih, masa makan pun nak texting ke?
Was working on the bokeh effect, apparently, tak menjadi. Sobs.

So, I guess that's all for now? :)

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