How to Earn More, the FUN Way :)

So basically, the title itself describes all.

I admit, I'm not the kind who would rather passionately hunting for part time jobs - even though I complaint a lot about doing nothing during my free times. But somehow it tickles my mind to earn extra income ever since the scholarship could not be that enough pfffffttt.

That's why I put on so much efforts; googling on 'ways to earn extra income'. Sure, I excluded the '...without working part time'. Kononnya nak widen the search. Pfffftttt. But hey, it actually paid off. I found this article on the Net (check this out and it eventually gave me the idea on what I am supposed to do :)

So, here I enlisted the ideas that popped out of my mind; for which some of them I had previously done before. LOL.

#1- Staff Special Events or Conventions.

Or widely known as volunteering here in our country.

Well, previously in my recent post I had wrote; a bit; about my enrollment in the World Hunger Relief Charity Walk as the staff. Believe me, this kind of volunteering would actually gives you more than what you expected - it's just they need your perseverance and some efforts. Basically, most of the event organizers would provide free meals throughout the working day, garments (if any), certificates and most importantly, the token of appreciation which commonly given in terms of cash. Even though the pays are not as tempting as Starbucks did, but it would definitely gives satisfaction, especially to those who prefer not to stick with routines - like I did. Lame.

#2- Become a Mystery Shopper

And this is what I currently doing. Trust me, it's FUN :D
(Me being shopaholic, brrrhhh)

There are several companies in our country which handled this mystery shopping thingy. Look out through the web and find which you would prefer the most. This is because not all company would pay you in terms of cash; some of them opt for giving out vouchers and gift certificates. Nonetheless, it would still benefits you in anyways - well at least you can save more during your next shop visit!

A woman being shopaholic. Well, that's quite common actually.

How did mystery shopper works? It's pretty simple actually. All you need is to visit the outlets as assigned, shop like you usually did, do some observations according to the guidelines and prepare the report as needed. That's it. Isn't that simple? :D

#3- Do Online Questionnaire

Or preferably, surveys.

Well, this is even more simple. Give your honest opinion about the particular topic and you'll get rewarded. It can always be in cash or even in gift vouchers. Nevertheless, this would be the easiest job ever. No need to sweat out, all it needs is a computer and the internet connection. Answer the questions, collect the points and once it reached the limit, you'll get to redeem the payment. How easy.

I also have done this before, and it's actually quite satisfying. The pays are quite good too ;)

So yeah, these are some of the ideas I could think of for the time being. Definitely will google more about it. :) See my enthusiasm, LOL.

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